Ontario labradoodle: Puppy Heaven Labradoodles

Ontario Labradoodle: Puppy Heaven Labradoodles

Ontario Labradoodles for sale

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Here at Puppy Heaven Labradoodles we produce some of the most well-mannered, well-socialized and loving labradoodle puppies. We ship our labradoodles all over Canada, from Vancouver, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario and even as far as Quebec. Our labradoodle puppies are so well socialized that they fly very well and usually come out of their crates with their tales wagging eager to meet their new family. We provide all our new adoptive parents with a crate, blanket, collar, leash and food enough for a few days. We want our puppies to be comfortable and prepared to meet their new adoptive family. We truly love all our puppies and make sure they are given everything they need to transition to their new home.

When a labradoodle is adopted by someone in British Columbia we generally like to deliver them ourself to save on shipping costs. We are very close to the British Columbia border and our labradoodle puppies are always up for a road trip. If the distance is too great we work with our families to come up with a plan to get their puppy to them. Sometimes we have met half way and other times we have flown the puppy to them. We work with each family to make sure to we do what's best for our adoptive families as well as our labradoodle puppies. We never mind driving through British Colimbia the scenery is specatcular!

  • Chocolate Colour
  • Apricot Labradoodles
  • Cream Labradoodles
  • Black Labradoodles
  • Red Labradoodles
  • Standard Labradoodles
  • Medium Labradoodles
  • Mini Labradoodles
  • Wool Coat Labradoodles
  • Fleece Coat Labradoodles


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  Puppy Heaven Labradoodles
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Visit Our Website at www.puppyheavenlabradoodles.com

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